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Optimize your Investments

EarnWealth Offers you following investment options to help you build your wealth at low risk with secured returns, convenience and Tax benefits.


Every individual has specific needs and priorities. Your needs could vary from buying a house, providing for your child's education, getting your child married, retirement and many more. EarnWealth investment services cater your all financial needs and help secure your future.

Fixed Deposit

We offer you Fixed Deposit which is one of the safe and secured instrument to invest into. Attractive rate of returns and flexibility to withdraw funds as and when require are some of the benefits of Fixed Deposit along with ease of investment and loan against deposit. Invest in EarnWealth Fixed Deposit and give opportunity to your money to grow.
Features of EarnWealth Fixed Deposit
1. Attractive rate of returns
2. Flexibility to withdraw funds as and when required
3. Ease of investment
4. Loan against deposit


At EarnWealth, we offer various types of bonds, which help investors to invest in the instruments having fixed maturity with regular interest over a specified period of time.

Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds, with their professional management through the expertise of their fund managers, are one of the best- option to meet your long term investment goals.In addition, it also bring the advantages of diversification, liquidity, convenience and tax efficiency. Mutual Funds, are however, subject to market risks and respective scheme documents should be referred before making investments.


NCD are fixed income debt instruments issued by a company wherein a company agrees to pay a fixed rate of interest on your investment for a specified period in order to raise money from market for business purposes.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the safest and the most secure way to protect your family or dependents against financial contingencies that may arise post the unfortunate event of your untimely demise. Under a Life Insurance Contract in India, the insurer assures to pay a definite sum to the policyholder’s family on his demise during the policy term.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an insurance policy that ensures that you get cashless treatment or expense reimbursement, in case you fall ill. A health insurance policy reimburses the insured for medical and surgical expenses arising from an illness or injury that leads to hospitalization.