Client Feedback


I have been a Proud Referral Partner of EarnWealth for more than a year. EarnWealth definitely is a platform which helps me service my clients in a superior way. It also helps me acquire more customers as they execute the transaction in a very smooth manner and I can focus on acquiring new customers.

Arun Gondkar

Referral Partner


I have taken up EarnWealth Services very recently through a strong recommendation by one of my colleague and I must admit the way they work to Earn Wealth for you. Really pleased.

Deepak Jugoolkar

IT Professional


I am an old customer of EarnWealth. Rajesh has been managing my finances for 8 years plus. Now I hardly bank with anyone else. They provide all financial products from all banks under one roof. That's my biggest comfort. I have never had any negative returns and on the other hand I have been getting excess of 20% returns.

Prashant Ambulgekar



EarnWealth has really helped in building my portfolio especially over the last 3.5 years. My average returns have been more than 20 %. I should thank EarnWealth for the same. Keep up the Good Work guys.

Kirandeep Kaur

Chief Manager-Structure Design


I got in touch with Rajesh through DBS in 2010. Since then he's been managing my investments. I have made excellent returns on my investments through them. Today my entire family take advice from EarnWealth. Great service and quality advice

Abdul Bhagat

Business Man


I contacted EarnWealth when I faced issues with my Home Loan application. My loan got approved in 3 days and disbursement was done in 4 days. Best part was the options they gave me and after sales service.

Mr. Faizi



After I quit my job, I wanted to start my own business. However I did not have any clue on how to form the company and other formalities involved. I tried speaking to many consultants but nobody provided me clarity. That is how I got in touch with EarnWealth and helped me. Then they did Financial Planning for myself and family. I really found it good.

Sharvaree D



I am a full-time insurance agent with Exide Life. After associating with EarnWealth I found it very easy to acquire customers due to the 360° Offering they have. I am working with them for the last 3 years

Popat Chavan

Referral Partner, Insurance Agent


Rajesh came to me during his DBS days. Since then I am investing through him. When he started EarnWealth, he met me and offered me all products. Today 70% of my Financial Transactions through EarnWealth. Returns are excellent. I get best rates on my loans

Makrand Deo



I am associated with EarnWealth for the last 4 years. I directly interact with the MD, Rajesh P Nair on all my big ticket transactions. He is really helpful and down to earth. Apart from that I have a RM who meets me whenever I have a deal. Biggest advantage with EarnWealth is you get all financial products under one roof.

Mohit Jha

Referral Partner, Company Secretary


I am a CA from Mumbai having my own consultancy. I got associated with EarnWealth in 2016. This helped me grow my business as I am able to offer 360° Solutions to my customers. Relationship with EarnWealth has given branding to my business. I recommend it to all Financial Consultants as it will only grow your business

Raj Kumar Wagh

Referral Partner, Chartered Accountant


I am from Latur in Maharashtra. Earlier I used to offer very limited products to my customers. After partnering with EarnWealth I got 360° solutions for my customers. This definitely has increased my revenue. This also helped me to acquire more and more customers. Today I proudly tell my customers that I am a Referral Partner of EarnWealth

Babasaheb Pawar

Referral Partner, Financial Consultant


My Brother in law recommended me to EarnWealth after seeing their quality of the services. Initially I was very sceptical and invested only a small amount. Today all my investments in India are done through EarnWealth. Best part was the after sales service. They stay in touch always

Abdeali Seherawala

NRI Investor, Dubai


I was introduced to EarnWealth by my Son. I found them very good in terms of the products suite and service quality. This year all my Financial Transactions are done through EarnWealth. Because of EarnWealth I do not have to go to different banks

Sharad Deo

Retired Teacher


Before association with EarnWealth, i only used to do Life and Health Insurance. EarnWealth gave me the opportunity to offer 360° Solutions to my customers. Today I recommend all financial products to my customers and do not push a specific product. My sales grew multiple times thanks to EarnWealth

Sanjay Kulkarni

Referral Partner, LIC Agent


EarnWealth has really helped me to offer all financial products to my clients. I like their 360° Concept. Last year my income grew because of EarnWealth

Hanumant Survase

Referral Partner, LIC Agent