Terms & Conditions

EarnWealth Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Terms & Conditions for Udaan Courses by EarnWealth Academy Terms & Conditions for Referral Partner for EarnWealth's Udaan courses :

  1. All fees paid once will be non-refundable.
  2. EarnWealth Academy follows rules and regulations of EarnWealth Solutions Pvt Ltd for Employee protection and behavior during stay within EarnWealth premises. Students must follow guidelines of EarnWealth Solutions Pvt Ltd. These guidelines include :
    • a. Unbiased environment.
    • b. No gender harassment.
    • c. Follow schedule of joining the classes.
  3. Students must attend all the sessions :
    • a. In case they are unable to attend any session, they should take prior permission
    • b. The topics covered in session that is missed by a student may not be covered later
  4. Students must submit all the assignments on time.
  5. The submitted assignments should meet all the requirements and coding standards (as have been covered by that time / stage of the course) else the assignment will not be considered complete.
  6. The project work should be submitted on time, should meet all the requirements, and should follow the coding standards as covered by that time / stage of the course else the project will not be considered complete.
  7. Students must be participative during the classes; they should ask clarifications.
  8. Students may be required to present their delivery during the course execution. They should comply with the guidelines for presentation.
  9. EarnWealth will provide real life projects that will improve your employability as your learning will be directed towards actual requirements of customers.
  10. EarnWealth does not guarantee job. We will connect you with our partner companies.