Chatbot for better customer service


Be reachable to clients anytime they require assistance.


Instant answers to frequently accessed services and queries.


Real-time assistance for an infinite number of consumers.

Benefits of ChatBot

Enhance processes and productivity

When agents spend their entire day providing the same answers, they quickly lose interest. What if these uninspired tasks could be automated? Chatbot accomplishes this. Allow your team to concentrate on compelling arguments.

Customer service is available 24/7

When you can't answer a call or accept a chat, a clever chatbot is standing by to assist customers. Deliver dependable assistance and guarantee that each client receives the support they require.

Quicker & Smarter problem solving

Chatbot reduces wait times by quickly responding to user inquiries. They gather information about consumers and their requirements, assisting your team in speeding up problem-solving.

Expand without increasing costs

Growing your business doesn't need to mean increasing costs. You can scale your customer service with chatbot instead of adding more staff.

Automatic lead generation & qualification

Conversational chatbots enable proactive customer engagement. Real-time communication with potential leads and automatic addition of new contacts to your CRM.

Increase client satisfaction

From the very first interaction, take the buyer by the hand. Make customers feel taken care of by guiding them through your website with interactive features and personalized recommendations.

Raising conversion rates

An effective business relies on having positive relationships with its clients. You may create lasting relationships with ChatBot by interacting with visitors to your website. Encourage customers to browse your offerings and assist them in finding and making purchases.

Combining personal touch with automation

Deliver seamless customer care by combining AI technologies with human interaction. Your consumers can self-serve, find solutions to common issues.

Utilize pre-made templates to assist consumers.

You have access to AI technology with ChatBot. Utilize our templates that are specific to your task. Chatbots can be readily customised to your needs after being launched with a few clicks.

Link ChatBot to your preferred tools

To integrate chatbots to your website, messaging service, or Facebook, use one-click integrations. Connect with customers through several channels and give them the freedom to resolve issues how they see fit.

Pricing Plans for Chatbot

Features of Chatbot

Simplify your work

The first stage of chatbot development doesn't have to be challenging. Learn how to create bots with lessons written by our specialists, and easily construct your first chatbot.

Together, move more quickly

With a few clicks, add team members to your ChatBot account. To improve customer encounters, gather your team and share a diversity of knowledge.

Make decisions based on data

Using real-time data, evaluate the performance of your chatbots. The most popular of your Stories can be determined by looking at the amount of chats and busy times.

Cross-channel interaction with users

Allow customers to contact you through their preferred messaging services. Utilize ChatBot's out-of-the-box integrations to serve clients whenever they need it.

Why Chatbot ?

Increases the clientele

Throughout the purchasing process, chatbots can elicit information from users and pose questions in order to gain their trust and generate leads.

Enhances consumer engagement

Most businesses already use social media to interact with their customers. Chatbots can increase the interaction in this conversation.

Holds several conversations

Thousands of customers can speak with chatbots at once. Wait times are eliminated, and corporate productivity increases.

Standards for lead credentials

A lead's credentials can be determined by sales teams utilising key performance metrics including budget, timetable, and resources that have been specified.