Common Hurdles

Cost of Initial Setup

Huge investment required to setup contact center as needed hardware and software are very costly.

Huge Cost to Operate

Cost of Hardware maintenance, providing required internet and power backup are very high.

Missing Insights

Missing insight to calling outcome reduces effectiveness of Control over call centre operations. This results in ineffective working.

Business Leakage

Due to data getting shared via Excel or Printouts, either the customers remain unserved or data becomes vulnerable.

Features of Kamate Raho App - Call Center Solution

Why Kamate Raho ?

Zero Investment on CAPEX

No laptop and no desktop and it's saving more than 45K per caller.

Android Based Call Center solution

Android based mobile friendly CRM will allow you to work from anywhere and spend less for infrastructure.

SIM Based Calling

Minimum network requirement. It can work on phone network.

Realtime Reports & Analytics

Standard reports and analytic dashboards for deep analysis.

Advantages to Enterprise

Low cost to setup. KR App works on Android phone. Desktops or Laptops are not required

Multiple ways to integrate with parent system for lead injection

Tracks performance of callers and generates reports to monitor calling operations.

Pricing Plans


Starts from ₹ 500 per month agent which includes feature to bulk upload of data, assign callers and track. Minimum Commitment - 5 seats


For full features that include API integration, multiple levels of disposition, Script, Call logs etc. Price will be custom.